• Able to walk on a loose leash without pulling
  • Able to greet friends and strangers without jumping or shying away
  • Able to walk without chasing bicycles, children, cars, squirrels, rabbits, balls, other dogs, etc
  • Can quiet barking on command
  • Understands nipping and mouthing is not allowed
  • Able to be left alone at home without destruction, barking or anxiety
  • Able to play, chew and relax without constant interaction with owner
  • Able to relinquish food, toys or inappropriate objects at owner's bidding
  • Can be groomed or handled without complaint
  • Is reliable with housebreaking
  • Veterinarian or groomer can handle dog without a problem
  • Does not rush through doorways ahead of owner
  • Interacts appropriately with children
  • Able to tolerate accidental nudging or grabbing (even when asleep) without snapping
  • Will move location - even if on furniture or bed - when directed without growling or snapping
  • Respects leadership of owner
  • Tolerates at least, and my play or interact appropriately with other dogs

Pam Young, LVT CDBC CPDT  
Dog Gone Good LLC
Dog Behavior Consultant
Personal Dog Trainer