What Every Puppy Should Learn

  • to be comfortable in a crate, both when owners are home as well as when owners are gone  

  • to eliminate outside (on command would be nice!)  

  • to respect human hands and skin (no nipping or mouthing!)  

  • to not jump up on humans or countertops  

  • to respect their owners as the leader of the pack  

  • to release or relinquish food, toys or inappropriate objects when told  

  • to come when called  

  • to be tolerant of handling (nail trims, cleaning ears, kids grabbing fur, taking things out of mouth, drops in eyes, giving pills, bathing, brushing/grooming...)  

  • to "leave it" when told  

  • no chasing bicycles, children, squirrels, rabbits, cars, balls...  

  • to walk without pulling  

  • to sit, down, stay, wait on command  

  • to be comfortable and under control in new or uncomfortable places such as: the veterinary hospital, groomer, boarding kennel, training class, pet store, other people's homes (perhaps even over night!)  

  • to be comfortable if and when separated from other dogs, pets or people  in their family - able to be left alone without destruction, barking or nervousness  

  • to play, chew or relax without constant contact or interaction from owner  

  • to be tolerant of and possibly sociable with other dogs  

  • to not be protective of food, bowl, crate, toys or bed  

  • to quiet barking when told  

  • to greet friends & strangers without jumping or shying away  

  • to not rush through doorways or down stairs ahead of owner  

  • to move location (even if on furniture or bed) when directed without complaint


Pam Young, LVT CDBC CPDT  
Dog Gone Good LLC
Dog Behavior Consultant
Personal Dog Trainer