As a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant, I can help you have the dog you've always wanted!  I've shared some of my training secrets in a series of FREE articles designed to help you get - and keep - the upper hand in your relationship with your canine companion. 
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Visit my book shop (updated 4/24/07) for a recommended reading list of books on dog training and behavior -  books to help you with the basics and also with special needs and problems. You can even order on-line! All Things Dog!

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my gang....(left to right) 
Indy - CH Shoreland Indigo Girl, CGC - Border Collie
Mickey D - CGC, TDIA - rescue Border Collie
Cody - CH Sasanataba Cody, FDCh, HIC, CGC - Border Collie
Remington Steele - Winsome Remington Steele, CGC, TDI - Shetland Sheepdog - rescue Sheltie
Bailey - *gone to the Rainbow Bridge* -
U-CDX Winsome Hazy Sunshine, CDX, Can.CD, FDCh, TDI, CGC - Golden Retriever
Ruby - V - CH Shoreland Ruby in the Ruff, HT, CD, NA, FDCh, TDIA, CGC, Border Collie

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